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About VALAND  Valve     ID: 70836658
SUN YEH Electric Actuator
Important Notices& Maintenance
Make sure if the voltage is correct before wiring.Power off before distribution or for maintenance purpose.

Lock tight the casting and conduit entrance after power
distribution to prevent from dusting or water spoiling.
The angle of electric actuators must not be below the
horizon or stands upsidedown. Avoid the zone of gas or any chemical agent that might be explosive.

When electric actuators need two sets of unit for simultaneously, pleaseconnect with the individual cable.

Don't install in the complete vacuum space directly.
The warranty period of our products is one year.

Actuators should be placed at clean and dry place for storage, and protectedwith outer carton from being affected by great temperature difference or seriousvibration.
  Features Enclosure:
IP 67: Waterproof and dust-proof enclosures.
NEMA 4X: Waterproof and dust-proof enclosures.
Material: Dry powder coating aluminum alloy.

Standard extended duty cycle induction motor. H insulation class for OM-1and OM-A; F
class for BM-2, and OM-2 to OM-12.
Built-in thermal protection (135??) prevents motor burning out
Position Indicator:
All models have continuous mechanism position indicator on the top of actuator cover.

Manual Override:
Non-clutch design, the manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake
upon power outage.
When electric motor is operating, manual hand-wheel won't rotate for person safe purpose.

Gear Train:
?High alloy steel gear trains provide self-locking function to avoid valve back drive.
Gear trains have been already lubricated sufficiently with anti-high temperature lubricant at
the factory.

Working Conditions:
Ambient temperature: -30?? ~ +65??.
The humidity: 30% ~ 95%.

Various Options:
Space heater.
Additional limit switches (2 units).
Potentiometer unit (1K Ohm or 5K Ohm ).
Local control unit (local/remote, on/off).
Conduit entrance (1/2" PS, 3/4" PF, 1/2" NPT).
Torque switches (2 units).
Current position transmitter (output 4-20mA).
Modulating controller.
Various voltages.
?ylon enclosure material.

ISO 9001.
CSA. (Conforming to the test standard of outdoor usage.)



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