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Gigalight research and manufacture fiber optic networking products, including serials of hot-plug modules particularly designed for the ISP, Storage Area Network (SAN) and high speed FTTX systems.
XFP Transceivers







1) 850nm;1310nm;1550nm Laser diode transmitter

2) Applications from 100m to 80km

3) Protocol Agnostic: supports OC192/STM-64, 10 G Fibre Channel, G.709, and 10 G ethernet

4) XFP MSA compliant

5) OC192/STM-64 Eye mask compliant  ( 6dB extinction ratio over temperature)

6) Advanced Digital Diagnostics

7) Monitor Device Temperature and Voltage

8) Stable output power over temperature (low tracking error)

9) Low power consumption

10) 0 to 70 C temperature range

11) SIO Management Interface

12) Die cast metal housing for low EMI

13)  RoHS compliant and Lead Free

1) 10-Gbit/s Sonet/SDH

2) 10Gigabit Ethernet

3) 10Gigabit Fiber Channel



P/N Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI
GX-85192-SRC 10Gbps 300m 850nm VSCEL PIN Y
GX-31192-LRC 10Gbps 10km 1310nm UNCOOLED EML PIN Y
GX-55192-ERC 10Gbps 40km 1550nm COOLED EML PIN Y
GX-31192-LRCKx 10Gbps 10km 1310nm DML DFB PIN Y
GX-T192-ERC 10Gbps 40km 1550nm cooled EML    
GX-55192-ZRC 10Gbps 80KM 1550nm COOLED EML APD Y
GX-R192-LRC 10Gbps 10km   PIN Y
GX-R192-ERC 10Gbps 40km   PIN Y
GX-R192-ZRC 10Gbps 80km   APD Y
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